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Petitioner s Statement Contact Information Declaration and Signature NOTE Read the Penalties section of the Form I-130 Instructions before completing this part. A-File Reviewed I-485 Filed Simultaneously 203 g Resolved Ben. A-File Reviewed Remarks At which USCIS office e.g. NBC VSC LOS CRO was Form I-130 adjudicated To be completed by an attorney or accredited representative if any. Information About You Petitioner Alien Registration Number A-Number if any A- U.S. Social Security Number if...
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Who needs an I-130 form?

This form is used by citizens or lawful permanent residents of the US who want to certify their relationship to their relatives for the immigration of those relatives to the United States.

What is the purpose of the I-130 form?

The Petition for alien relative (I-130 form) certifies that you (petitioner) have kinship relations with a certain person (beneficiary). The form is completed by a US citizen or permanent resident for his spouse, child, brother, sister, or parents. The Department of Homeland Security uses the information provided to make a decision on the relative’s case. If the petition is approved, your relative will receive a US visa or Green Card.

What documents must accompany the I-130 form?

The petitioner must attach copies of all the documents which evidence the family relationship to the beneficiary. Among these documents are: a marriage certificate, form G-325A, documents of property ownership, birth certificate, adoption documents, etc.

When is the I-130 form due?

The petition is completed when there is a need. The estimated time for completing the form is 20 minutes.

What information should be provided in the form I-130?

The petitioner will add the following information:

  • Relationship to the beneficiary

  • Personal information about the petitioner and relative: name, address, place of birth, date of birth, gender, marital status, social security number, alien registration number, name of prior spouse, citizenship information, etc.

  • Additional information about the relative: name of the spouse, children (with date and country of birth); address in the US where the relative is going to live.

The petitioner also signs and dates the form and adds a phone number.

What do I do with the form I-130 after its completion?

The completed and signed petition is forwarded to the local office of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing form i 130
Instructions and Help about uscis form i 130
JACOB My Name's Jacob Sapochnick and I'man immigration attorney based in San Diego California In this video we'll do something a littlebit different but a breakdown how to complete an actual I-130 family petition a form This form is usually used to an immigranta spouse a family member like a brother or sister a parent is the same form that usedfor all these different purposes but of course he has different chat box in the categories In this video we'll breakdown on how to completethis form Again once again this video is done as aas a general information for you We don't provide legal advice here Now let's jump in unfold the video and seehow leaves for it Let's get on FEMALE The form I-130 This is the petition for an alien relativeso this is where you are petitioning your spouse and you want to make sure that youcomplete this form as thoroughly as possible We'll start with part one the relationships So you're going to click on spouse If you're petitioning for your spouse in thisform can be used for other immediate relatives but we're just talking about marriage rightnow so you're going to click on spouse And then you go onto number two If this does not pertain to you you don'tclick any Number two if this does not pertain to youyou do not click anything here The same thing with number three However with number four if you gained lawfulpermanent residence status through cities or citizenship through adoption then youwant to click yes or no here Then we go to part two the information aboutyou the petitioner So remember the petitioner is the US citizenso if you are a US citizen through naturalization you used to have an alien registration number You do not need to fill this out This is only for legal permanent residencebecause a legal permanent resident can petition the spouse Then this is where they would put their Anumber If you are now a US citizen you do not enteran A number because you are now a citizen The USCIS online account number not Verymany people have this number and so you can leave that blank You do want to enter your social securitynumber in number three And then of course you want to enter yourlast name first name and middle name and you want to make sure that you have typedincorrectly If you have used any other names and thisis where you would enter that information You want to enter the city or town that youwere in and your country of birth your date of birth and your sex male or female Here in the mailing address sometimes youwill have a separate mailing address then the physical address And if you do you want to enter yes or nodown here So if you have a separate mailinga physicaladdress that is different from your mailing you want to click on yes Make sure your address is correct becauseif it's wrong you're not going to get your receipts So don't forget the apartment number or floornumber whatever it is that pertains to you But make sure it's complete If you...