Petitioner s Statement Contact Information Declaration and Signature NOTE Read the Penalties section of the Form I-130 Instructions before completing this part. A-File Reviewed I-485 Filed Simultaneously 203 g Resolved Ben. A-File Reviewed Remarks At which USCIS office e.g. NBC VSC LOS CRO was Form I-130 adjudicated To be completed by an attorney or accredited representative if any. Information About You Petitioner Alien Registration Number A-Number if any A- U.S. Social Security Number if...
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Who needs an I-130 form?

This form is used by citizens or lawful permanent residents of the US who want to certify their relationship to their relatives for the immigration of those relatives to the United States.

What is the purpose of the I-130 form?

The Petition for alien relative (I-130 form) certifies that you (petitioner) have kinship relations with a certain person (beneficiary). The form is completed by a US citizen or permanent resident for his spouse, child, brother, sister, or parents. The Department of Homeland Security uses the information provided to make a decision on the relative’s case. If the petition is approved, your relative will receive a US visa or Green Card.

What documents must accompany the I-130 form?

The petitioner must attach copies of all the documents which evidence the family relationship to the beneficiary. Among these documents are: a marriage certificate, form G-325A, documents of property ownership, birth certificate, adoption documents, etc.

When is the I-130 form due?

The petition is completed when there is a need. The estimated time for completing the form is 20 minutes.

What information should be provided in the form I-130?

The petitioner will add the following information:

  • Relationship to the beneficiary

  • Personal information about the petitioner and relative: name, address, place of birth, date of birth, gender, marital status, social security number, alien registration number, name of prior spouse, citizenship information, etc.

  • Additional information about the relative: name of the spouse, children (with date and country of birth); address in the US where the relative is going to live.

The petitioner also signs and dates the form and adds a phone number.

What do I do with the form I-130 after its completion?

The completed and signed petition is forwarded to the local office of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

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Hello everybody today we're going tofill out application called I won 30petition for alien relative it is usedfor US citizen or permanent resident asa first step in bringing your familymembers to America so we will start withdownloading this application from USCISwebsite what I did I just googled I won30 form and it took me straight thereit took me straight to the website so Iopen the form and I printed it it is 12pages and on the first page we're goingto ignore all of the stuff that Iscratched off I actually did it just toshow you that you don't have to worryabout half of this first page you don'tneed to scratch that off for surebecause your application will definitelybe denied if you do that this iseverything that USCIS will fill outthemselves so you want to leave it aloneso part 1 relationship you are apetitioner and your relative is going tobe beneficiary in some cases they'realso called applicants so yourpetitioner and the person you bring inhere or trying to bring here isbeneficiary so the first thing it wantsto know here is who you falling for sohere for the purpose of this applicationI put spouse you can also do parentbrother-sister and child if you'refiling for a child this is where itwants to know what kind of child it isit wasn't born to both parents frommarriage is a stepchild and stuff likethat number three if beneficiary is yourbrother and sister are you related byadoption so I left a blank because mybeneficiary is not brother or sisternumber four did you gain lawfulpermanent resident status or citizenshipthrough adoption I put no let's see parttwo information about you continued soplease ignore this part right here Istarted to write something and then Irealized that was wrong place so you canjust put n/a there or leave it blanknext is USCIS online account number Ihonestly don't know what this isI never known anybody who knows whatthis is or thatadd one so I usually just leave it blankor put in a and then next is your socialsecurity number so next field is yourfull name they always want to know yourlast name first then your first namethen your middle name make sure youdon't mess it up you want an applicationto look as neat and nice as possiblebecause it really matters when theystart looking applications if theycannot read your stuff they will deny itor they will just throw it somewhere ontheir desk and not worry about it for awhile so you want to make this asefficient and fast as possible okaypage number two information about yourpetitioner continuing it wants to knowif you ever used any other names so theywant to know if you had a different lastname different first name differentmiddle name so I put an A for all threeyou will notice throughout theapplication that I always put an A's inevery blank field that I left blank justbecause I want to make sure that whoeveris reviewing this application in USCISwant to know that those fields were...